The urbanistic concept of the project incorporates compact use of the plot. The premises consist of nine residential houses designated with letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and P, each with two to six above-ground floors, the final floor always being smaller. 

The houses are linked via a shared underground area which will be used for parking, technical equipment, cellars, stroller rooms and other operations areas. The layout is designed to primarily accommodate pedestrians, which means no need to worry about car traffic disturbing you at home. Buildings located adjacent to V Náklích street are complemented by a new square, which is defined by section A at the east, section B at the south and a two-floor pavilion from the west designated section P. The areas of the first above-ground floors in buildings A, B and P which are adjacent to the new square will be used for commercial units.

The resort’s apartments are aimed at upper-middle class residents. The uppermost floors of individual houses will contain more luxurious apartment units with above-standard ceiling height, air conditioning and terraces. These and other apartments in the project will offer breathtaking views of Prague. The apartments will mostly consist of 2-room and 3-room units, and additional 1-room and 4-room apartments; all apartments will include a kitchenette.

•    Number of apartments: 196
•    Number of retail units: 6
•    Number of parking spaces: 184