The apartments in the Vivus Kolbenova I project are ready to move into immediately. If you pay for your new home from your own resources, the purchase contract is signed directly. In the case of financing the purchase of an apartment on Vivus Kolbenova I with a mortgage loan, the Contract on the Future Purchase Agreement is first signed, with which an installment of at least 10 % of the purchase price is linked, the remaining part is paid after signing the pledge agreement from the mortgage loan, or by a combination of own resources and mortgage loan. We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information about the procedure, e.g. during a personal inspection of the selected apartment.

Other information:

The sale of a housing unit is subject to a reduced VAT rate, i.e. 12 %; the sale of a non-residential unit (share in a non-residential unit – garage parking) is subject to the basic VAT rate, i.e. 21 %. In the event that one purchase contract includes the sale of a housing unit and the sale of a share in a non-residential garage parking unit, the VAT rate is based on the main subject, i.e. such a subject of transfer will be subject to the first reduced VAT rate, i.e. 12 %.

Tax documents for individual payments will be issued within the statutory period, i.e. no later than 15 days after the purchase price has been credited to the future seller’s project account.