The new Vivus Argentinská apartment project mainly offers attractive, modern and practical living, only 400 meters away from the Nádraží Holešovice underground station and tram stop, which will be built next to the Loko Vltavín Praha 7 sports centre with a grass football field, a practice field and facilities for athletes.

Along Argentinská Street, which forms the western border of the project, there is a seven-storey U-shaped residential section, which has the same height as the neighbouring residential buildings in the south. This complex is divided into 4 parts (sections A, B1, B2 and C), which are separated by glass communication cores with colour-accented lift shafts. The southern corner, section A, along U Průhonu Street follows the street line. Its continuous balconies above the recessed parterre have been designed as closable by means of glass sliding elements. The noticeable graphics of the southern façade have been achieved through a contrast of strips. The same principle is also applied on the facades of the northern corner, section D. The B1 and B2 sections have been designed as barriers due to the nearby Argentinská Street, which is a busy main street; they form a noise barrier consisting of apartment corridors and the common area of the building.

In the inner courtyard, a pair of five-storey residential houses (D1 and D2), which are interconnected with a communication core, have been placed between the residential double sections. The eastern and western facades of those buildings are divided by irregularly located balconies. The southern and northern facades have been designed as closed, separated only by centrally located windows and overgrown e.g. with climbers. The whole residential complex includes also a unique four-storey residential building, which is located in the park-like northern part of the area and its southern façade is divided by irregularly located balconies, like that of the D1 and D2 buildings.

The Vivus Argentinská project has been developed in the central part of Praha 7 – Holešovice and offers all the conveniences and comforts of urban life, only a few meters away from the Nádraží Holešovice underground station.